The Huys & The Governor

City Apartments De Gouverneur is gevestigd in twee rijksmonumenten.

In 2011 we bought this beautiful building and have restored almost 2 years to make it as it is today.

The first 6 years we have run a bed & breakfast in the building and from 2020 we switched to city apartments.

A piece of history:

In 1800, this house with indoor coach house was inhabited by Petrus Hofstede, the first governor of Drenthe.

In his role as governor, he was characterized as an authoritarian director, who, however, managed to bring Assen to cultural prosperity.

Known were the glorious parties and dinners he gave. Hofstede married Suzanna Kymmel on 5 March 1782, they had 10 children. Petrus Hofstede and his wife are buried in the beautiful Noorderbegraafplaats in Assen, 750 meters from his house.

The Governor ensured that Louis Napoleon, the king of the Netherlands and the brother of the great Napoleon, visited Assen and granted Axes city rights on March 13, 1809, although Axes actually had too few inhabitants for that.

He also donated Assen the Asserbos, also know as Sterrenbos