House Rules

Check in

You can check in between 14.00 and 17.00, there is no 24-hour reception at De Gouverneur.
We will contact you in advance about the expected arrival time.
Are you calling Rolf or Linda on the day of arrival just 30 minutes before your arrival? This way there is certainly someone present and you do not have to wait unnecessarily.

Self service check-in

It is possible to use the self-service check-in if this is better on the day of arrival. We will then contact you on the day of arrival.


You will receive 1 key upon check-in. A second key is possible on request. In the event of a loss, we will charge € 100 for a replacement key. You must ensure that you close the doors of your stay and turn off the lighting and heating.


During your stay there is 1 private parking space available for you. When you receive visitors, your visitors can park outside the garden.

Your bikes can be parked at your apartment.

Parking on our site is at your own risk and De Gouverneur is not liable for theft and / or damage.


Free WiFi is available in all apartments.


We love animals, we have 2 Jack Russels ourselves. But due to hygiene, pets are not allowed in the apartments.


Candles are not allowed due to fire hazard. In the kitchen there are electric candles that you can use.

Gourmets, Plate Grilling & Deep-Frying

Gourmets, plate grilling and deep-frying are NOT allowed in the apartments. This causes a greasy attack on the walls and furniture and the smell lingers too long for subsequent guests, we ask for your understanding.


BBQing is NOT allowed, this to prevent inconvenience to other guests.


You can deposit your waste in the designated waste containers. The Containers are under the arbor. Please empty glass in the basket, the hostess will tidy this up for you later.

Receive visitors

You may receive visitors if you inform us in advance. In the event of an emergency, we must know who is present in our apartments.

Your apartment is suitable for a maximum occupancy of 2 people.

It is not allowed to stay in the apartment with more than 2 people.

No parties or noise please.

Take into account the other guests and neighbors at all times.


Rolf & Linda kindly request you to tune music and / or any other sound to room strength so that there is no noise nuisance for the other guests.

It must be quiet in the evening from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m.


It is not allowed to sleep on the beds without sheets and pillowcases. You use De Gouverneur linen, your own linen is not allowed.


An accident is in a small corner. Please notify us if something is broken or broken so that we can replace things or possibly switch to insurance. It is often easy to solve.


Smoking is not allowed in the apartments. Special butts are outside.

Beds etc

Your bed is made upon arrival. There is spare bedding in the closet for a fee.

There are 2 sets of towels waiting for you, there is also sufficient reserve.

There are enough tea and kitchen towels in the apartments.

If you are not in the apartment

Do you want to close windows and doors and not leave any devices on?

Turn the lights off and the temperature down.

Defects in the apartment

Please report defects to us. We always do our utmost to repair or replace things as quickly as possible. For normal questions about the use of things in the apartment, you can always contact us.

Check out

The check out time is 10 am, during the check out we check the apartment together with you. The cleaning starts as soon as the check-out time has been reached so that everything is ready in time for the next guests.

Check list before checking out

We kindly ask you to leave the apartment tidy. Do not leave the dishes, the dirt outside in the containers, remove the beds and put them in the laundry basket together with the other laundry.

We wash the moltons regularly, which you can leave on them.

De Gouverneur

De Gouverneur is located in the vicinity of other homes. Rolf & Linda kindly ask you not to cause any inconvenience.

De Gouverneur is a national monument dating from 1790. In such old buildings, contact sounds may arise earlier than in a modern house.

We kindly ask you to take other guests and neighbors into account so that everyone can enjoy their holiday.